Increasingly, organisations are seeing the benefit of psychological input in the success of their organisation. This may take the form of advice on marketing, human resources issues, motivational skills, dissemination of research findings in relevant areas, leadership skills, support for the well-being agenda and mental health issues generally.

Anamcara can offer a range of packages, customised to the particular needs of the organisation. This may include training programmes, one-to-one mentoring, psychological support, coaching, reviews of current provision, advice on policy and so on.

In the last year we have seen major changes to the working environment with many people working from home and others furloughed and now returning to work. These shifts require psychological adaptation and often that is difficult for both organisations and individuals. Psychologists are able to offer insight into how our minds deal with and adapt to change and provide support and advice on how to move forward in the changing world of work.

I am happy to discuss requirements and customise packages to suit